Sunday, 27 October 2013

Primark Shopping Haul!!


Good evening ladies...Now if you live in the untied kingdom you will have definitely heard of Primark!! Cheap, affordable and one of the most popular clothing stores in the United kingdom. First thing this morning while I was in town, I went into my local Primark store where they were having a sale!! Okay I confess... I am a shopaholic and couldn't resit a few items from the sale rack. But who could pass up a good bargain ? NOT ME...

                               Ruby red Vintage style blouse:£10.00

Daisy Black and white dress:£5.00

 Black Dolly bow shoes:£4.00

 Cow socks:£2.00

Burgundy Dress: £5.00

Checked navy blue and green tartan dress: £12.00

Black and rusted brown Loafer heels:£10.00

Black platform heels: £7.00

White winter Beret:£2.00

 Ava xoxo