Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Perfect Burgundy Lip

Hello ladies... For the fall/winter time a burgundy lip is definitely my go to lip colour! I absolutely adore a deep toned lip. Darks lips always look  enchanting , mysterious and sultry with a touch of glamour. 
For my lips I used a simple burgundy/purple colour called Expresso lip liner from Boots natural collection which cost £1.99. For lipstick I used Wet n wild brillant burgandy ( E81501) , which I bought from a local Body care shop for £1.99. I love Wet n Wild lipsticks as they are very affordable and the lipstick last's throughout the day without it smudging of your lips!

Burgundy Lip liners
NYX £2.99
AMAZON £2.60
SLEEK £1.99
BARRYM £2.99

Burgundy Lipsticks
RIMMEL £5.99
WET N WILD £3.19
LO'REAL £4.20

Ava xoxo