Thursday, 3 October 2013

Parrot Retro Shift Dress

Hello Sugars!!! This is one of my favourite shift dresses, retro 60's inspired. I purchased this dress over two years ago from the Diana Vickers collection at
I love the 60's vibe to this dress. But I also love the modern twist, by adding some artwork detailing  of a parrot to the dress. The parrot artwork is fresh, fun and vibrant but subtle. 
Shift dresses are one of the most comfortable clothing items to wear. One of the many reasons why I love this dress!

1 . Fashionable but easy to wear and comfortable to move around in while you run a few errands .
2. Shift dresses have a vintage ( mod )and unique vibe to them.
3. Can be worn as a day or evening dress.
4. Some many different varieties(e.g Colour,print,long/short selves,) 
5. Simple but elegant.
6. Flattering.

Parrot Retro Shift Dress

Shift dresses

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