Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cute Christmas Gift ideas For Girls/ Women

Part 1 Christmas gift guide

Have any of you ladies started your Christmas shopping yet? I have... In fact I have almost finished my Christmas shopping for family and friends! I know It is a little early but this year I wanted prepared and organised , So I wouldn't need to rush around at the last minute like the last few years. Which I found stressful and draining which I am sure plenty of you ladies know how I feel! Here I put together a few cute girly gift ideas, which will be perfect to give as a present to someone on Christmas day.

1. Beyonce Midnight Heat Fragrance/Perfume 

AMAZON £10.78
BOOTS £18.99

2. Paris IPhone 5 Case

AMAZON £3.00

 3.Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist

AMAZON  £8.94
EBAY £8.07

4. The Mortal Instruments Book Series By Cassandra Clare.

AMAZON £8.00
THE WORKS £10.99

5.Vintage style Earrings

AMAZON £4.50

 6. Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle

AMAZON £7.99

7. Pretty Pink Vintage Style Bag With Elegant  Necklace.

AMAZON  £19.99

Ava xoxo