Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Short Girls Can't Wear Heels...??? Oh Yes We Can!! ( Heel Confidence )

Hello Ladies.. I hope you are all well! 
Sometimes there can be a lot of controversy around wearing high heels when it come to a lady's height. Small? Tall?Average? You know what? Who cares!! If you love wearing your heels  it doesn't matter what height you are ! As many of you ladies might of experienced having an insult through at you for wearing high heels such as" Short girls should not wear heels , they look like they are playing dress up in there Mum's clothes" or Tall girls are to tall to wear heels they look like giants." In my case , only being 5.1ft I have had the short girls comment thrown  at me several times before. But you know what, does it matter? No.. If something makes you feel good about yourself ( Such as wearing a pair of heels ) then who are they to judge you for wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself!
For the tall ladies out there.. Wear them heels!! You are tall inbrace your height!! Heels are only enhance  your uniqueness of being tall.

Any height ,size, shape is beautiful

Ava xoxo