Friday, 4 April 2014

Baby Doll Coral Lace Dress ( OOTD )

Good Afternoon Ladies... Happy Friday, are you all ready for the weekend ? :)
Here is my outfit of the day which I thought I would share with you all, as I love my new coral lace dress I recently bought! Only being 5ft has its bonuses ,especially when it comes to clothing. It means I am able to fit into kids clothes still hehe. Which is perfect for a shopaholic ,because kids clothes are much cheaper in price ;) My gorgeous Baby doll coral lace dress is from Zara in the kids section for £19.99 which is a fabulous price for a well made lace dress! I am absolutely adoring the colour coral for the spring time at the moment. So fun and vibrant!
What is your ladies favourite colour for the spring time ? :)

Dress- Zara Kids- £19.99
Bag- M&S ( Marks And Spencer ) £19.00
Heels- New Look - £24.99

Ava xoxox