Sunday, 8 December 2013

Smell Like An Angel ? (Pure Day Dream) VS

Want to smell like an Angel?....Pure Day dream is the perfect scent to make any young lady smell absolutely divine. I recently ran out of my Victoria's secret coconut passion body lotions and body sprays. So at the weekend I took a trip to the Victoria's Secret store at the Trafford Centre (Manchester). I decided I wanted to try a new scent. Coconut passion is favourite , but I decided it was time to try some new scents!
When I smelt Pure Day Dream , I fell in love with the smell straight away! Absolutely gorgeous.. A soft blend of pearl orchids and pink current.A fruity feel with a hint of simplicity and  sensuality. Perfect for any young lady.

5 Items for £30


                                           AMAZON from £8.99
                       THE BATH AND BODY SHOP UK from £9.00
                                              EBAY  from £7.99
                                              Ava xoxo