Thursday, 12 December 2013

Simple Desire Goddess Inspired Makeup (Gold & Maroon)


1. Foundation- For a flawless finish, I used my current favourite foundation Rimmel Match perfection in the colour light porcelain and mixed my white Stargazer Foundation together. Mixing both of these foundations makes the perfect match for my skin tone.
2. Blusher- For my cheeks I wanted a light colour on my cheeks as my lips and eye makeup is a little more bold. I wanted a more natural look on my cheeks. So I used my MUA blusher in the colour Cupcake.
3. Eyeshadow- For my eye shadow I used my Barry M glitter dust in the colour yellow gold . I lightly applied the glitter dust across my eyelid and focused blending the glitter mainly on my crease.
4.Mascara- For my lashes , I used my current favourite mascara Rimmel max bold curves. Which makes my eyelashes look long and luscious.
5.Lips- For my lips I used my Maybelline colour sensational lip liner In the colour velvet beige to outline my lips. Then I applied a Barry M lip paint in the colour black cherry to my lips and then applied my 24k sexy gold by BeneFit cosmetics lip gloss. I blended my lipgloss over the top of my lipstick which gave my lips a goldish effect. To complete the look , I lightly applied some of my BarryM gold glitter dust to my lips, for a hint of sparkle.

1. Rimmel Match Perfection-Light Porcelain 
BOOTS £6.99
ASOS £6.99
AMAZON  £4.33

2. Stargazer White Foundation 
AMAZON  £2.99

3. Barry M Glitter Gold
BARRY M £4.59

4.MUA Blusher Cupcake
MUA £1.00

5. Rimmel Max Bold Curves Mascara
VERY £5.00
AMAZON £4.99

      5. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner Velvet Beige

                                                     SUPERDRUG £3.99
6. Barry M Lip Paint Black Cherry
BARRY M £4.49

      7. 24k Sexy Gold by BeneFit Cosmetics Lip Gloss
                              AMAZON £4.20

Ava xoxo