Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ice Queen Inspired Make Up Look

Hello ladies... As it is now winter I was inspired to do an Ice Queen Makeup look. Hope you like it xoxo

1.Foundation- I have very pale skin which is very difficult to find a foundation that matches my skin tone. So for My foundation , I mixed my Rimmel Match perfection in colour porcelain with my White Stargazer foundation to get the perfect match for my skin colouring. Both of these foundation are currently my favourites
2.Cheeks - For my cheeks I used my favourite blusher Constance Carroll natural glow radiance powder in Rose glow .Which is a gorgeous soft innocent pinky tone.
3.Mascara- To get the perfect long luscious lashes , I used my Rimmel Max bold curve Mascara.
4. Eye Liner- For my eye liner I want to create a soft icy inspired eye. So I used a White MUA eye liner pencil that I recently purchased off there website.
5. Eye shadow- For my eye shadow I lightly patted my white NYX eye shadow on top of my crease. And blended it in slowly with finger. 
6. Lips- For my lips , I used a Beauty UK Lipstick in the colour Cupcake. Which is a perfect delicate wintery pink colour. Over the top of my lipstick I applied a Barry M lip gloss in the colour strawberry milkshake, to complete this look. 

Rimmel Match Perfection - Porcelain
AMAZON  £4.66
BOOTS £6.99

Stargazer Foundation- White
AMAZON £2.99
EBAY £6.98

MUA Eye Liner Pencil -White
MUA £1.00

Rimmel Max Bold Curves Mascara 
AMAZON £4.99
VERY £5.00
BOOTS £6.99

        Constance Carroll Natural Glow Radiance Powder Rose Glow

                                       COSMETIC FAIRY £0.99

Beauty Uk Lipstick-Cupcake No.14
 BEAUTY UK £3.49

Barry M Lip Gloss- Strawberry Milkshake
BARRY M £4.49
BOOTS £4.49

NYX Glitter White Eye Shadow 

Ava xoxo