Thursday, 26 December 2013


Hello Ladies.... I have wanted to purchase Prada Candy perfume for quite sometime now. After smelling the perfume while out shopping a couple of months back , I fell in love with the scent of the perfume. However I didn't want to pay so much money on a perfume. Too my surprise my Grandparents bought this lovely perfume for me as Christmas a gift . I was absolutely  delighted to revive this perfume as a gift of my Grandparents. I did not expect to revive this lovely perfume at all as I had told my Grandma a couple of months back about how nice the perfume smelt, so I didn't think she would remember about it at all! Perfect Christmas gift of my wonderful Grandparents :)

AMAZON £40.60
BOOTS £39.50

Did any of you ladies get a nice perfume for Christmas ? :)

Ava xoxo