Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bags under £25 ( The Perfect Bag Does Not Need To Be Triple Figures)

  Hello Ladies... Now I am a girl who loves her handbags are you ?      
Sometimes the perfect handbag can be overpriced and way out of 
 your budget range. The perfect bag does not have to be triple figures! 
In fact you could find a gorgeous bag for just under £25.                               
                                  I hope you like my picks                                      
                 DON'T BREAK THE BANK FOR A BAG!                                               

Bags under a £25

Bags under £25 part2

1. MISSGUIDED £23.00
3.ASOS £24.99
4.BOOHOO £20.00
5.ASOS £20.00
7.ASOS £16.00
8.BHS £18.00
10.SAMMYDRESS £13.20
11.NEWLOOK £15.99
12.BOOHOO £15.00

Ava xoxo