Thursday, 26 September 2013

Victoria's secret

I recently went to Victoria's secret , as a store has just opened not far from were I live. There is not many stores in the UK, so I was excited when they opened one nearby! I just had to go and take a sneak peek. I could not resit and ended up buying some Victoria's secret body sprays/perfumes and body lotions.
         I love Victoria's body sprays . I would normally purchase them online of AMAZON , as there was not a store nearby till recently. My all time favourite spray is the coconut passion! Coconut and vanilla are my favourite scents , so the coconut passion is perfect for me. 

My favourite Perfume Coconut Passion

My top 3 favourite body sprays
Lovespell LINK
Coconut passion LINK
Mango Temptation LINK

My favourite body lotion 
Coconut passion