Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentines Day Outfit Ideas ( Variety Of Styles)

Hello Ladies...Valentines day is coming up , So I put together some outfit ideas in a variety of different styles, which I think would be Perfect for the occasion. I hope you all like these looks xoxo

         " Cute In Casual Lacy Lady Of The Night 
              Flirty In Floral Ruby Red Delight"

Casual But Cute

 Peplum Pink Top- NEWLOOK £8.99
 Pink Coat-NEWLOOK £54.99
 Floral Jeans-RIVERISLAND £15.00
 Bow Dolly Shoes- BANKFASHION £16.00
Clutch bag-ASOS £15.00
Necklace -ASOS £6.00
Ring-ASOS £10.00
Lipstick- BEAUTY UK £3.49


Lacy Lady Of The Night

Lace Dress-LINDYBOP £29.99
Bow Heels-NEW LOOK £24.99
Earrings- ASOS £6.00
Ring-NEW LOOK £4.99
Clutch Bag- NEW LOOK £12.99
Lipstick-BEAUTY UK £3.49

Flirty In floral

Dress-LINDYBOP £29.99
Heels-BOOHOO £15.00
Clutch bag-ASOS £15.00
Earrings -ASOS £5.00
Ring-ASOS £18.00
Lipstick-BEAUTY UK £3.49

Ruby Red Delight

Dress- AMAZON £25.00
Heels-MISSGUIDED £24.99
Bag-MONSOON £47.99
Earrings - DEBENHAMS £12.00
Lipstick-BEAUTY UK £3.49

                                     Ava xoxox