Sunday, 6 July 2014

As Sweet As Candy...."Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume"

Hello Sugarpies... When it comes to perfume , every young lady loves to own a sensational scent , which suits there personality and appeals to there smell senses. Everyone has there own preference of perfume , floral , fruity/sweet , oriental , chypre , woodland or even food and spice inspired  scents. In my case I love fruity sweet perfumes. 
A couple of months ago ,I purchased " Aquolina Pink Sugar" perfume after seeing several  blog and youtube reviews on this perfume, I decided to purchase it from Amazon. Yes... I know know , you shouldn't purchase perfumes online without smelling the perfume previously. But I trusted the reviews I read/watched about this perfume which convince me enough to purchase it.
And I am so glad I did!!!


I absolutely love this perfume!!! "Pink Sugar"  Well the name of the perfume speaks for itself. So sweet and sugary.. hints of vanilla and caramel.. Cupcakes ,Cotton candy , honey , sugar canes.. A sweet shop wrapped up into a pink bottle I say... A girly sweet lively fun perfume.. I will definitely be repurchasing this perfume again! 

Where To Buy:

All Beauty  £12.95
Fragrance Shop £10.10
Strawberry Net £22.50
Amazon £16.99
Onlyminx £22.85
Ebay £19.04

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