Sunday, 14 September 2014

Grape Cravings For Autumn ( PRIMARK Playsuit )

Hello Suagarpies! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and weekend :D  Has any of you lovelies popped into Primark recently? If so then you will know that Primark are just BANG on there fashion game, there Autumn stock is just perfect! I love it.. Primark is certainly my favourite clothing shop at the moment. 
Deep Purples and Reds are my favourite colours to wear in the Autumn and Winter time and I was looking to buy a Berry/Grape Playsuit to add into my wardrobe for this season. As I do not own a Playsuit in a berry/grape colour and I thought it would be nice to wear this season. 
Good old Primark never fails to let me down and I found this gorgeous Playsuit in the exact colour I had in mind!
I love it... 
All for £13.00 too!!!

What is your lovelies favourite colours for the Autumn /Winter time ? :D

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