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"Mother MOTHER" By Koren Zalickas Book Review


Hello Sugarpies , I hope everyone is well and are having a fantastic summer. Firstly I would like to apologise since it has been awhile since I last posted a blog post. For the past few weeks I have been on holiday in Turkey and I had to some time to relax and chilled out reading a few books over the course of my holiday. I thought it would be a nice idea to spice things up on my blog and do a book review instead of doing my usual fashion and beauty blog posts for a change. One of the books I read while on holiday is called " Mother MOTHER" By Koren Zailckas which is the first book I will be reviewing.

This book is most definitely a psychological thriller , with a dysfunctional family and a intense story line the author Koren Zailackas created for the Hurst family leaves the story to be a powerful and emotional mystery that unfolds after many different events occur within the family. With the middle child Violet  who is 16 years old locked in up a psychiatric ward for reasons she does not remember but supposedly hurt a loved one try's to uncover why her 21 year old sister Rose ran away from home the previous year before Violet being admitted to a psychiatric ward. Violet investigates the reasons of Rose's shocking and sudden disappearance and is stunned at the truths she uncovers. Violet's socio-path mother Josephine controls Violet's younger brother Will who is 12 years old. Will is autistic and suffers with epilepsy , which makes him vulnerable to Josephines actions. Josephine treats Will in a unhealthy and disturbing way... A kind of abuse which makes a person  oblivious to the abuse. Rose was once the golden child and now she had ran away , she was nothing to Josephine. Josephine had always resented  Violet, because Violet had never been afraid of standing up to her socio-pathic controlling mother. So this left Will to be controlled! With their father Douglas out of sync due to his alcoholism meant Josephine was in command of the Hurst family. Each character in the book has something about them every individual can related too. This book  definitely increased my curiosity of what happened next and I had to keep reading and reading! I couldnt put the book down , Mother MOTHER is certainly a gripping book. 

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and would definitely would recommend it , it is worth a read!

I would rate this book an 8.5 out of 10  

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