Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I HAVE A NEW BLOG!!! " A Mental Health Blog"

Hello Sugarpies :D I hope everyone is well and are having a lovely week so far. Today is just going to be a little blog post to tell you all some exciting news!!! I have launched a new Blog about Mental Health. I wanted to keep my fashion & beauty blog separate from going onto different topics on this blog , so I decided to create a new blog called " The Inner Voice And A Soul With Strength."   I personally suffer with Mental Health issues and wanted to share my personal experiences and help others also experiencing Mental Health Problems. My main goal is to help people by raising awareness about Mental Health and increase individuals knowledge and understanding about the topic who have a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about Mental Health.
I hope my Blog becomes a place for sufferers of Mental Health can find comfort of knowing they are not alone and they have a friend . There is many help and support available for those who seek it.

I would greatly apperiate it if you all checked out my new blog :D And follow me on bloglovin or google+ , It would really mean alot :) 

Thank you all