Sunday, 19 April 2015

Long Weekend Trip Down South To Dorset

Hello Sugarpies! I hope everyone is well and are having a fantastic weekend :) Last Friday , my Grandma and I went down south to Dorset for the weekend to visit my Grandma's twin sister ( My Auntie Janet) and my Uncle Dave. I took a few snaps while I was down south and thought I would share them on my blog with you all :) During our trip we visited , Weymouth , Dorchester , Portland , Westbay and Bridport. I enjoyed visiting Dorchester and Weymouth the most. I have a fascination with old buildings and houses and both Dorchester and Weymouth have gorgeous vintage old buildings , which I absolutely adored . Living in the North West of England , I haven't ever really seen the South of England , So it was lovely to see a different part of the Country for a change! :)  

Train Selfie With My Grandma ( In need of a fringe cut lol )

( 10 hour train trip NOT fun haha!)

Picadilly Train Station 

Smile For The Camera Grandma! 

And.. We are of to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz dum dum dum

Corn Exchange Building Dorchester  

Portland ( The Isle Of Portland) 

My Grandma Shelia (left) And Her Twin Sister ( My Auntie Janet )

St. Peters Church ( Dorchester)


Back Streets Of Dorchester Town

St. Mary's Church Dorchester 

Dorchester Borough Gardens 

My Auntie Janet And Uncle Dave 

Home Time 

I hope you all liked my snaps! :D 

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