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Sweet Scent Madness ( My All Time Favourite Perfumes)

All Time Favourite Perfumes

Hello Sugarpies! I hope everyone is well and are having a lovely week so far. Now as a girly girl I  love my perfumes and  I thought it would fun to do a blog post on my " All Time Favourite Perfumes." I confess that I own more perfumes than I should hehe! But hey, I can't help purchasing a gorgeous perfume. 

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Perfume 

Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Victoria`s Secret for women

"Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Perfume" is definitely my favourite Victoria's Secret perfume. Flirty , playful and very seductive. A classic upper eastside and a touch of old hollywood glamour feel to this perfume . The warm black vanilla and frozen pear mixed together gives it a dreamy mysterious vibe. A hint of sweet apple and sandalwood gives the scent a delicious twist.

Perfume Notes

Pear , Vanilla , Mandarin Orange ,  Red Apple , Musk , Sandalwood, Litchi , Praline , Gardenia , Sweet Pea , Magnolia and Benzion  

BONANZA - £40.60
EBAY - £63.99

Pink Sugar Aquolina Perfume 

Pink Sugar Aquolina for women

"Pink Sugar" may not be a perfume to everyone's particularly taste,  if you are not a lover of sweet scents then you may possibly not like this perfume. I happen to be a huge lover of sweet scents , so this perfume is perfect for my liking. Mr. Simms sweet shop in bottle? That is right! Cotton Candy sweeter than honey. Caramel , raspberries , red berries and a divine undertone of vanilla. A girly lively perfume which brings back childhood memories of the corner sweet shop.

Perfume Notes

Cotton Candy , Raspberries , Vanilla , Caramel , Red Berries , Orange , Lily Of The Valley , Fig Leaf , Bergamot , Musk and Licorice 

AMAZON £12.98
FRUUGO £7.80
EBAY £19.04

The Body Shop Coconut Perfume 

Coconut The Body Shop for women and men

Coconut is one of my favourite scents , So I  absolutely love this perfume! A warm tropical coconut scent with a creamy milky touch of vanilla. A versatile scent that is appropriate for any occasion. 

Perfume Notes 

Coconut , Vanilla , Sandalwood 

AMAZON £9.50

Katy Perry Meow Perfume 

Meow Katy Perry for women

" Katy Perry's Meow Perfume " is a gorgeous sweet fruity floral perfume. The sweet orange blossom and delicious pear mixed with amber and jasmine is a stunning combination which gives the perfume a fresh dreamy feel. The heart of the perfume is made up of honeysuckle and lily of the valley which perfectly balances out the sweet fruits in the perfume not to be over powering. 

Perfume Notes 

Jasmine , Gardenia , Orange Blossom , Pear , Lily Of The Valley , Honeysuckle , Amber , Vanilla , Sandalwood And Musk 

AMAZON £12.88
EBAY £13.55

Escada Sexy Graffiti 

Escada Sexy Graffiti 2011 Escada for women

"Escada Sexy Graffiti Perfume" is one of my favourite Escada perfumes. Sweet , fruity and delightful with a romantic twist. A pure feminine perfume which include strawberries , raspberries and lemon. A hint of mint and vanilla with a touch of violet and peony blends perfectly together to create this heavenly scent. 

Perfume Notes 

Strawberries , Raspberries , Lemon , Vanilla , Cashmere wood , Violet , Peony , Mint , Lily Of The Valley And Musk 

AMAZON £25.42
EBAY £32.94

Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume 

" Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume" is a fairly popular and well liked perfume. Its sophisticated and exquisite scent is appealing to many women . Personally I am not a fan of floral scents but to my surprise I absolutely love this perfume! This perfume has just the right ingredients, it is not to florally and not to sweet. Bergamot , Orchid , Jasmine and Freesia mixed together makes up a divine scent to this glamorous perfume.

Perfume Notes 

Bergamot , Orchid , Jasmine , Freesia , Rose , Tea , African Orange Flower , Musk And Patchouli 

BOOTS £47.00
AMAZON £64.99

Christina Aguilera By Night Perfume 

Christina Aguilera by Night Christina Aguilera for women

"Christina Aguilera By Night Pefume" is a gorgeous sensual womanly scent perfect for a special date. A Sweet seductive and a little hint of spice. The red apple and orange blossom  create a gorgeous sweet scent while the vanilla and amber gives the scent a little something extra which ensure the fragrance is not overly sweet. 

Perfume Notes 

Freesia , Red Apple , Orange , Rhubarb , Pineapple , Amber , Vanilla , Oak Moss , Sandalwood , Lily Of The Valley , Peach Blossom , Heliotrope 

BOOTS £19.50
AMAZON  £19.31

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume 

Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears for women

" Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume" is one of my favourite sweet fruity perfumes. This exotic vibrant scent is deliciously fruity with a mysterious edge. The plum and sour cherry mixed with vanilla and orchid gives this perfume a flamboyant but sophisticated twist. 

Perfume Notes 

Plum, Sour Cherry , Iris , Orchid , Vanilla , Amber , Musk , Freesia    

BOOTS £13.50

I would love to know which are your lovely people's favourite perfumes? :D

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