Monday, 5 May 2014

I Am Feeling... Passion Struck... ( Victoria's Secret )

Hello Ladies... Over the weekend my lovely Mamma treated me to some gorgeous Victoria's secret mists!
Passion struck is one of favourite Victoria's secret scents.. The smell is absolutely divine. Fuji Apple and a hint of Vanilla Orchid.  A refreshing fruity scent with a warm feel to it! Seductive and flirty the perfect scent for any young lady.
I am really grateful that my Mamma treated me to these lovely goodies. She picked up for me , Passion struck fragrance mist , Passion Struck luminous fragrance mist which has a gorgeous  tint of sparkle and glitter. Last but not least my Mamma also picked up passion struck luminous tinted lotion. 


Passion Struck Luminous Fragrance Mist

Passion Struck Luminous Tinted Lotion 

Passion Struck Fragrance Mist

Do any of you lovely ladies have a favourite Victoria's secret scent? :)

Ava xoxox